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New branding for V*Dazzled Jewelry

December 19, 2011

First of all I just want to send out a huge thank you to all of my customers, this has been my best month on etsy , I have loved sending out all the studs to new customers this month and I am hoping it continues!


Now on to introducing my new branding for my small jewelry business….

Almost every article or forum post I read on “how to successfully start a small business” talks about branding your business and making people recognize your brand. In the end, you want customers to have no doubt when they see a product, that it came from you and no one else. I have slowly been branding my business and the graphic design comes from this wonderful etsy shop owner: WinchesterLambourne. I absolutely love her work, I recommend her to any other etsy shop or small business owner. I first got my etsy shop banner done, then had my blog banner done (see above), then my earring card design and ad button for other blogs. Now I finally got my business card and product tag design done to complete my full branding. I highly suggest branding as it really helps your business come together and looks so professional. I wanted to share with you all my new business card and product tag designs (the tag will actually be a sticker that goes on the earrings boxes):

product tag/sticker

business card

I love the design and coloring of everything and I think this really helps bring everything together 🙂 I ordered the products with these designs today and I can’t wait to start using them!

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