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fun facts about V*Dazzled

December 21, 2011

Today I would like to share with my readers/customers 2 fun and interesting facts about V*Dazzled Jewelry.

1. The business name was not my first choice.

When I decided to start selling my jewelry designs on etsy, I knew I needed to come up with a shop name that would be both easy to remember and unique. At the time my bf and I were really obsessed with playing the game “Bejeweled” on our iPods (haha) so I decided that V*Jeweled would be a fun name for my jewelry line. After googling (is that a word?) V*Jeweled, I saw that someone else beat me to it. As a sidenote when you google Vjeweled something a little more dirty is the first thing that comes up! So after a couple more days of thinking I decided to go with V*Dazzled Jewelry (obviously the “V” comes from Victoria!) šŸ™‚

2. The “petite” size of studs idea came from a customer…

A few months ago, sometime last Spring, a customer sent me a conversation on etsy asking if I could possibly make the size of my wire wrapped studs any smaller as the normal ones were too big for her earlobe. So I wrapped a stud using 4 beads instead of 6 beads and out came what is now sold as my “petite” size studs. I showed it to my bf and he said that he could see that size studs becoming more popular than the “regular” sized studs so I listed a few pairs in the shop. Since then the petite studs have become slightly more popular than the regular size. The funniest part is that the original customer never ended up buying a pair but she helped me more than she would ever know…

This petite pair was the original one I made for the customer request, now they make up half my etsy shop!

Inside scoop: I am working on a new “nano” size stud tonight…listings to come soon!!


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