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Happy Halloween! A quick update on all things V*Dazzled….

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all were able to stay safe from Sandy and that you also had some Halloween celebrations before the storm hit…Bo and I went to a friends house for some Halloween fun this past weekend – I love seeing everyone’s ideas for costumes 🙂 Anyways…down to business

I got myself a copyright for my wire wrapped studs!! For all 3 designs- regular, petite, and nano….

For any other small business owners/artists/designers reading this, it was very simple to apply for the copyright and only costs $35 per copyright. You can apply at the website and you can date the copyright back to when you first put your item up for sale. For more detailed instructions you can visit Nina Design’s blog which is what I used to as a guide.

Happy Halloween again!


Weekly Etsy Finds: Handmade sweaters for the cold fall/winter weather

October 16, 2012

Hello everyone! I have been busy preparing for a Cancer Biology talk I gave last week, but I want to do a weekly post that features some beautiful handmade items from etsy. This week’s edition will feature sweaters (all of which I would love to buy) that are great for the upcoming cold weater. Enjoy!

Cream Hand Knit Cable Sweater from openureyes

I chose this first one because it just looks so comfy and like I would want to wear it every day of the upcoming cold New England winter. The knitting also looks well done and the color is perfect to pair with plain jeans or your favorite pair of colored denim.


Vintage color striped sweater from Tarragon Vintage

This vintage sweater has such pretty colors and the quality makes it look almost new (at least in the picture). Such a cute vintage find.


This last one just looks so comfortable and I think I would wear it everyday if I owned it.


I hope you enjoyed looking at these vintage and handmade sweaters, they would make awesome holiday gifts (or a nice gift for yourself).


Have a great Tuesday!


My experience with The Pioneer Woman: Insights into getting featured on a major blog

October 3, 2012

It has been a long time- but I finally have some free time to update my blog. I really like having this blog to give customers and potential customers some behind the scenes action and insights into V*Dazzled Jewelry. So as some of you might remember my earrings were featured on The Pioneer Woman’s blog on Feb 15th (I am just now getting time to write about it so that gives you some idea of how busy the feature made my site!) here is how it happened, how that day was, and how my business changed after….

How I got featured:

This is kind of random but I found this gorgeous leather fold over clutch on etsy from K.Slade Made (she is now no longer on etsy) and after looking at her site she mentioned that there was a lengthy wait time after purchase due to her feature on The Pioneer Woman (PW). That was when I started looking at all the independent sellers PW had been featuring on her blog and thought to myself “maybe if I alert her to my site she might feature me”, so I emailed Ree from PW sometime in early February telling her a bit about myself and my shop. I never got an email back so I assumed she is a very busy woman and probably gets tons of email from tons of independent sellers so I didn’t get my hopes up. Then on Feb 15th I was sitting at my desk in lab just checking my real time google analytics– this will show real time data about the people visiting your site– this is how it normally looks:

I took this screen shot at 9 AM this morning, normal amount of people is between 1-10 at a time depending on the time of day.

The day of:

You can see that still to this day I still get traffic clicking through from PW!! So the normal amount between 1 and 10 suddenly jumped to about 50 on Feb 15th, then 100, then 200. Needless to say I was quite shocked looking at those numbers! I realized all the traffic was coming from the Pioneer Woman as I was getting all excited I went and read the feature, I could never thank Ree enough for that feature!!

The V*Dazzled feature on PW!

Almost immediately I started getting sale notifications on my iPhone (thank you etsy app!) and I was getting so excited! By lunch time I had sold 200 pairs of earrings (in a matter of about 3 hours) and the sales kept coming. Pretty quickly I realized I better change the wait time for my earrings (which became 3 – 4 weeks at the busiest point) because there was no way my fingers could make hundreds of earrings within a couple of days. That day I started stressing out in the afternoon and quickly left lab to go make as many earrings as I could.

I ended up taking 1 full day off from lab and a few hours here and there to try to get more and more earrings done and all hours of the weekend were dedicated to V*Dazzled for awhile. I enlisted the help of my fiancee and both my parents for packaging, relisting items, post office runs, and jewelry making. It was a crazy busy few weeks with very little sleep. My fiancee and I actually had a planned vacation to Vegas at the end of February and we even took supplies to make 100 pairs of earrings while on vacation!

about 100 orders ready to be shipped out!

Lots of earrings ready to ship out to customers.

Working on orders during my weekend at my Fiancee’s place (this is before we got our place together)- excuse my make-up and tan free appearance- all free time had to be dedicated to earring making!


Of course my shop has slowed down since the time right after PW’s post, but thanks to PW I have a ton more repeat customers, I still get new customers who find me through PW, and in general have more sales. Also the cream/stardust earrings are still the most popular pair of earrings I sell. It was stressful getting so much business at once but more importantly it was exciting!

And if it isn’t obvious by this blog post, I am forever grateful for the feature on The Pioneer Woman!! Thanks so much Ree!!

Any other questions about the whole experience feel free to leave a comment or email me 🙂